Pines Students Testimonies


Permpond Jiraprasertnuleul

The first time I arrived at Cooyesan, I found out that I was the only Thai student at that time. I was nervous, but I luckily got a Korean roommate. After that, we got along so well, so I was not worried about anything anymore. I earned a lot of friends and experiences in PIA. I admit that the managers, staffs and the teachers are extremely great. A manager in Cooyesan, Jack, especially is very nice. Although, I am not a Korean student, he still pays attention to me as important as other students. They always assist me and are welcoming every time I needed advice. Studying in PIA is not so difficult for me at all. Even though it was a  short time to study here in PIA, I gained a lot of knowledge and friendships that I will never forget.

Vo Thi Minh Thu

Generally, I am satisfied with my 4-week stay studying English in PIA due to my teachers’ enthusiasm and teaching skills. I want to say thanks to them and all the staffs of PIA who supported me to have a good stay, good food and friendly atmosphere. I will introduce this academy to my friends or relatives who want to study English seriously because I think this is a good place for people who really want to focus on improving their English skills.

Uemeda Daiki

I feel that all classes helped me to improve my English skills, especially the output skill such as writing and speaking. It is because each of the teachers gave me various feedbacks in all their classes. They were always kind in teaching me. If I had to choose, I would like to have listening, integrated speaking and integrated writing textbooks accompanied with passages. After taking classes, I want to go over them through shadowing, which is one of the effective ways to improve my listening skills, but I am sure that my curriculum was absolutely excellent for me.Thank you for giving me such valuable opportunity.

Kim Eun Bi

Hello everyone! My name is Kim Eun Bi, but call me Mini.Today, I will talk about our feelings. What makes you happy? What makes you sad? What makes you angry?For me, playing with my friends and shopping with my family make me happy. I enjoy the times I spend with them whenever we’re together. I laugh out loud when I hear a funny joke. Laughing is healthy, it makes you cheerful. So let’s be happy every day. On the other hand, hearing bad words makes me sad because it hurts my feelings. When I feel down, I cry. I stay in my room, for I don’t like my mom to see me crying. She will be sad, too.In other cases, such as losing a game, I feel angry. When I’m mad I just cry on my bed take a deep breath and try to relax. While going to academy makes me stressed.  I feel nervous during math and Social Studies tests. I can’t stand memorizing. In order for me to overcome these, I control my emotions. I usually listen to joyful songs, study hard, and smile every day.How about you? How do you manage your feelings?

Park Si Young

Overcoming Difficulties in PIA
This is my story in PIA for the last three and half months. It was a great time to enjoy my life and learn English.
During my first time in PIA, almost all things were quite new for me-living with others whom I do not know, studying English with young people. I felt that I could not compete with young people when it comes to English. There are a lot of mistakes that took place when I wrote an essay. However, when there was something wrong, teacher always corrected me with an example. It was a good experience. On the other hand, keeping classes on time, having quite similar food every day, not being able to drink were some of the difficulties. It somehow felt like we were in ‘jail’. One week later adjusting in PIA was not a problem anymore. We were busy with classes, and I got over my difficulties in PIA, even the fact that I have to stay at the hotel for the whole of the weekdays.If you want to study hard, please join PIA Sparta Courses which are somewhat really hard for students, but surely, if you are tolerant of attending class, you can achieve what you want.

Naota Harada

Even now, I can’t still believe that I am going to graduate from this marvellous school, Pines-Chapis. I have been studying here for three months in total. To say the least, Pines is exceeding greater than any other English schools in the Philippines. It cannot compared.By the way, this record would be a good opportunity to recall my school life. My Chapis life was incredible. I’ve been surrounded by numerous skilful, passionate teachers and studious students who have clear aims in terms of learning English. What’s more, the mass of these people endeavoured to learn something by means of English as a tool, though most students in other schools are likely to be keen on learning how to master English as well. I was encouraged by such splendid students. In a word, I was so lucky. Also, I should not forget to mention about the teachers. Frankly, they were beyond description-that is, they have been teaching me with patience, which I regard as the most crucial key to being successful teacher. One thing that highly impressed me was their deep comprehension of the textbooks. I suppose, it is quite difficult to do this, and it can be traced back to their efforts. Because of such marvellous teachers, I never felt sleepy in in class, and I was able to achieve my objectives as TOEIC and IELTS. Anyway, as I have herein, I am totally contented with Pines. I’d like to recommend this school to my friends who have high motivation for studying English. Simultaneously, I hope I’ll get a chance to come to Chapis. Thank you. Bye-bye.

Reika Goto

I am a person who loves travelling, visiting other places and travelling anywhere in the world. There are 6 places that I want to go to, namely: New York, Paris, London, Japan, Australia and the Philippines. To become a pastry chef is my ultimate dream in life. I will go to Paris and New York to pursue my studies, for I think that these countries are offering good quality of pastry education. Spending vacation in other countries or me is enjoyable. I want to go to Japan in order to experience their hot spring and play with their monkeys since I love animals, I will visit china to see cute pandas, and Australia to play with kangaroos. Lastly, after junior’s camp, I want to come back here in the Philippines to visit my teachers again and spend some vacation.
“This is your last chance to study English hard.” This is what our manager said to us on our first day. Mostly, students have already decided to study English in Pines before coming here. It is too difficult to speak English daily in our countries, but we can speak English all day in Pines. We should concentrate on studying English on studying English, for it is our last chance as the manager said, Let me explain it my way.
As a start, we need to change our thought process from our own language to English. Changing our ID card’s lace to red is one way of it because the red lace tells is that we must speak in our native language the whole time we are wearing it. It is not east to speak English all day, but we have to slowly get used to speaking it, especially, Japanese people hesitate to speak English to each other. This is why I think it is better to change one’s ID lace to red as soon as possible. This can make us more comfortable with our English-speaking environment.
In addition, another way is by making friends with different nationalities. Automatically, we will be forced to speak in English. Secondly, we have to prepare and review for all our subjects’ everyday as much as possible. It’s a good way to memorize andto deeply understand concepts as compared to taking our classes just once. We have only 50 minutes for each class. Especially for me, that is really a short time to understand everything. If we prepare and review, it will seem like tanking a subject three times because there are a lot of new words that are hard to read and pronounce, However, if I already know how to pronounce specific words before taking a class, I can learn and improve more skills with the help of my teacher during the class hour. As a result I gain confidence in reading English, and this confidence will motivate me to study English harder. Being accustomed to unfamiliar ideas makes all things easier.
Third, we should take enough rest every day. Actually, I haven’t been able to take enough rest especially on weekdays since I came here, so sometimes, I can’t concentrate on my lessons due to sleepiness, What’s the point in taking a class if we can’t do our task right during the class? We can study until midnight but we have to stop when needed to take a good night sleep.
In conclusion, I think nothing is more important than to devise a way to study English for ourselves in order to improve our English skills. Moreover, it is so much easier to try in Pines than to do I by ourselves in our countries. One thing we have to remember is that we had better enthuse about studying English in Pines to gain precious experience in our life.