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5 New Ways of Maximizing Your Baguio Weekend

5 New Ways of Maximizing Your Baguio Weekend

Article: Rona Dale Ortiz ⁄ Topic: Baguio Weekends

Try to spend one weekend in Baguio City differently. Discover bestsellers that will make you go back to a restaurant and learn more about the region, where Baguio is located, by visiting a nearby local museum. Make each weekend count and spend more time with yourself and the people you love. Primarily,weekdays are made up of routines, and remember that weekends should be spent differently!  Enjoy reading our new tips on maximizing your Baguio weekend as not everybody gets the chance to go around this city on regular weekends.



1.Get that brunch at Pizza Volante Session Road


For years, Pizza Volante has earned its popularity due to its superb Italian-American food and friendly service. Start your Saturday morning right and  head to Volante for brunch. I am personally recommending Volante omelette,  waffles and side orders like bacon,ham and local sausage called “Longganisa”. Another must-try in this restaurant is “Choco-Vanilla Affair . Choco-Vanilla affair or CVA is the best-selling Volante desert. The moist and freshly baked brownie cake  topped with creamy vanilla ice cream is to die for. Volante Brunch will give you enough energy upon going to our next stop which is Museo Kordilyera.

2.Visit Museo Kordilyera

Photo: Museo Kordilyera Official FB Page

Learn more about Baguio and the Cordilleran Heritage with an entrance fee of 120 Pesos.The Museo Kordilyera shelters collective pieces from the BenCab Museum, Diocese of Baguio Museum and Archives, Saint Louis University Museum, and the UP Baguio Library and Archives. Other featured displays came from the Field Museum of Chicago, Illinois, the Museum of Anthropology University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and the University of Pennsylvania Archives.


3.Spoil Yourself with JCO Donuts  (SM)

If you have sweet tooth, then JCO Donuts will add a little happiness to your weekend .However, if you feel like you are still full from what you have eaten at Volante , skip the donut and just drink coffee instead. JCO Donut Shop serves strong and rich coffee. JCO is located at SM Baguio.

4.Take Great Photos of Session Road

Your day wont be complete without taking a “mood photo” on Session Road. Session Road looks gorgeous most especially at night. The architectural structure of the famous Baguio Central District will remind you of the street stretch of Amsterdam.


5.Drink Local Wine at Sinner or Saint Cafe

End your day right with friends and dine in at Sinner or Saint Cafe. This Cafe is located near Bell Church. The Cafe serves delicious deserts with local ingredients. Bestselling foods include Sweet Potato Cake, Pinikpikan Pasta,  Chocolate Mousse Cake and a must-try,Tapuey Ice Cream. Sinner or Saint Cafe also serves local wines that have rich taste, you can try Bugnay, Mangosteen and Coffee Wine. Are you curious about their flavor? Check Sinner or Saint Cafe one of these weekends.

Transportation in Baguio City - Pines International Academy

Running  out of ideas on where to go and what to do this weekend? Check the city’s rising cafes , BenCab Museum and Autumn-like restaurants.

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